Casual Relationship: Your Guide To A Successful Casual Relationship

Your Guide To A Successful Casual Relationship

Discover the secrets to a successful casual relationship. Learn how to spice up your sex life, try new things in bed, and talk dirty for beginners. Find out why saying what you want is actually sexy and how to make him want you with your words.

Casual Relationship: Your Guide To A Successful Casual Relationship

Casual Relationship: Because The Sex Is That Good

Sex in a casual relationship vastly trumps sex in a long-term relationship. The latter tends to get repetitive and boring after a while, and the former just offers more and more new opportunities to experiment with. If you're a local woman entertaining the idea of having casual sex with a man in your area, then this is the opportunity for you to do so. You might not have any prospective suitors in your phone to text over for a booty call, but that's where the online dating world has you covered. By using the tools granted to you through online dating, you can really fix yourself up with a hot guy to have se with in absolutely no time at all. Just take the sexiest picture of yourself that you can, type up your casual sex intentions into your dating profile, and sit back as a stampede of local single men parade your virtual door. Really, they'd all be fighting each other in order to get their hands on you if this was an in-person exchange, but thankfully this is all being done over the internet. Within no time at all, you'll find yourself on a first date with a handsome hunk, and not long after that you'll be in his apartment, where the fun truly begins.

Trying Out New Things In Bed

In casual relationships it's important to keep in mind that this is the perfect opportunity for trying out new things in bed. When you have sex with a long term partner that you're comfortable with, people tend to be reluctant when it comes to expressing their new sexual desires as they arise. However, in a causal relationship, there are no real rules when it comes to the sex. This is really the best place to experiment and express your fetishes, and maybe even find new fetishes that are suggested to you by your partner. There's no reason why you can not discover your new, wild sexual nature in a casual relationship, and you should take full advantage of that concept in order to see what you're made of, sexually.

Talking Dirty For Beginners

We'll be the first ones to say that talking dirty is not for everyone. In fact, most couples prefer not being vocal at all during sex, since saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can be extremely awkward, and can kill the mood. However, to some people, the idea of talking dirty is something that they always wanted to try, but never had the guts to start. If you're one of those people, you'll be thankful to know that a causal relationship is the best place to start getting into the habit of talking dirty during sex. Your lover is into the idea of experimenting, after all, and they want as much novelty out of the sexual exchange as you do. So let loose, and just say hot, suggestive things that come to mind. The best thing to keep in mind for women wanting to get into sex talk is that talking dirty during sex can be a good opportunity to vocally communicate the things that you want your man to do to you in bed. Women have always relied on body language to convey their sexual needs, that is, until dirty talking came into the picture.

Why Saying What You Want Is Actually Sexy

Saying what you want is actually sexy, for more than one reason. For one, the mere sound of sex talk vocals being added to the room has a tendency to heighten the intimacy levels of the sex that is occurring. Aside from that, telling your man what you want leads him to actually doing what you want. You'll be more satisfied, which will make him more satisfied, and the sex as a whole will take a much wilder, more pleasurable turn, all from the action of opening your mouth to convey your deepest desires.

Make Him Want You With Your Words

Your words should make him want you, and it's really not hard for you to pick the right words to do so. You know what you want, and you know what he wants, all that's left to do is to pick the right words to sonically decorate the sexual experience. Don't overthink things in this department; just say what comes to mind, s you think of it. Take baby steps into the realm of dirty talking, and before long you'll find yourself in a wild casual relationship with a hot hunk that you met online, and he'll know exactly what to do to you to give you levels of pleasure you never imagined before.