Common Scams on Online Dating Sites | Protect Yourself

Common Scams on Online Dating Sites

Learn about common online dating scams and how to protect yourself. Don't fall for fake soldiers, catfishing, job offer scams, transportation requests, or charity scams. Stay safe!

Common Scams on Online Dating Sites | Protect Yourself

They Are a Soldier Needing Money

This is one of the best dating scams because it really tugs at the heartstrings and it is one that women in particular tend to fall for often. Even the best dating sites have scammers in their midst and remember that no soldier is ever going to head to a dating site to ask people for money. When you are looking at examples of irresistible dating profiles that attract men you might even find that some women will put a warning somewhere on their profile not to solicit them for money. This is actually pretty smart and can help to ward off some scammers because they will know that you are already hip to the things they try to do to scam innocent people on dating sites.

Catfishing On Dating Sites

One of the worst dating scams is catfishing, but it still happens every single day on dating sites. This is when someone acts like they are someone they are not. The reasons for doing so are numerous and none of them are good. Catfishing can cause heart break, loss of money and losing your ability to trust other people. If the person refuses to meet in a timely manner, it is time to move on.

They Make Unrealistic Job Offers

When you think of online dating scams, you likely do not think about them coming in the form of job offers, but this is a scam that is gaining traction. The sole purpose is to get you to send personal information by sending over your resume. This scam usually goes like this: you start talking to someone and you get into talking about your career and career goals. They all of the sudden can help you to achieve your career goals and just need you to send your resume. Once you do, they have your entire job history, email address, phone number and home address. You never hear from them again and that dream job never existed.

They Need Transportation to Come and See You

This is one of the oldest dating site scams on the web, and unfortunately, one of the most successful. The person will tell you that they are dying to meet you, but first, they need you to buy them a ticket or rent them a vehicle so that they can come to see you. Never fall for this because if someone really wants to meet you, they will do everything in their power to make it happen without needing to beg you for money.

They Want Help With Their Charitable Efforts

Scams on dating sites can take Wichita, US users by surprise. This scam is one that is often surprising and what is even more surprising is the amount of people who fall for it. Remember that when you are on a dating site, the sole purpose is to find a date. It is not a place to solicit donations for your latest charity project. If someone is talking about charity, this is fine, but when they start to mention money and getting help with raising funds, make sure that you never offer anything. If they come right out and ask for money, decline and block them from messaging your again.